Gorgeous Flower Tattoos Perfect for Embracing Spring and Summer Vibes

Beautiful Flower Tattoos That Are Great For Spring and Summer


1.  A gentle and colorful watercolor floral tattoo.


This tattoo’s placement (on the ankle) gives the impression of walking through wildflowers and is a great late spring/early summer time tattoo. The placement is great for the spring/summer theme as it will be hidden in the other seasons by your pants.

2.  Shades of purple flowers with leaf’s and a triangle.


This shoulder tattoo is great for those of us who just love purple flowers. The placement is another great one for those of us wanting to hide our floral tats in the off seasons (it will hide under your longer shirts in the fall/winter). The triangle can either be left out or left in to symbolize whatever you wish.

3.  A more delicate wildflower tattoo with touches of color.


This one is great for those seeking a floral tattoo that is a bit less vibrant. Plus, this one has whimsical symbols in the back ground. To me, one looks like a kite in the distance and the red circle I’d imagine symbolizes the sun or moon (but I’m only speculating). The placement (on the arm) is definitely a bigger commitment, however, this would also look good on the ankle.

4.  A simple tiny tattoo option (in pink).


This simple tat made up of mostly black lines with what looks like pink watercolor ink is a great option for those wanting something small and discreet, but still very pretty (with the added benefit of cute as heck!). The picture shows it on the inside of the arm (LOVE), but this one would look great in even more discreet places like the back of the ear, the ankle, etc.

5.  Black and white wildflowers with detail.


For those who prefer just black ink in their tattoos and are ready for some serious commitment to florals, this is a gorgeous option. This would be a great start to a full floral sleeve (if that’s what you’re looking for).

6.  Detailed bouquet tattoo.


This tattoo’s placement makes it a great summer tattoo (just think of how cute that is going to look in your shorty shorts!). The colors give it a bit of a retro feel and the bouquet arrangement give it a romantic feel.

7.  Simple pinks and purples.


This smaller tattoo is sᴜᴘᴇʀ feminine and sᴜᴘᴇʀ cute! Another great option for those desiring a tattoo that hides discreetly during the winter. This tattoo would look great on either the front or back of the shoulder (or, upper middle of back for easy hiding).

8.  Elaborate carnations back tattoo.


This is a great option for those seeking an elaborate tattoo with tons of details and soft colors. Personally, I’m loving the contrast with the bright little blue flowers and the soft carnations (gorgeous!). This is a pretty large tattoo, but would still be pretty easily hidden in the fall/winter since it is on the back.

9.  Micro wildflower tattoo.


This sᴜᴘᴇʀ cute teeny-tiny orange wildflower tattoo is perfect for those desiring a low commitment tattoo. Plus, this tattoo is very versatile as it would look great on the wrists, ankles, shoulders or behind the ear.

10.  Japanese blossoms snippet.


This tattoo reminds one of being in a Japanese flower garden with its blue streak that reminds you of the sky and what looks like a branch from a Japanese cherry blossom tree. This one looks best placed on the inside of the arm, but could look good on the back of a leg as well.

11.  Girly floral heart tattoo.


This one is the ultimate “girly girl” tattoo! This tattoo is such a cool idea. It looks like your looking at a bunch of flowers through a heart! (so awesome!) AND it’s sᴜᴘᴇʀ small so it’s discreet and will look great in a bunch of places (wrists, ankles, inner arm, shoulders or behind the ear).

12.  Black flowers with gentle color.


This is a great option for those who tend to prefer just black ink, but may want to add in a dash of color to the flowers. The color looks like it was added with watercolor style ink and looks like a combination of purple, pink and orange (so pretty). This tattoo looks great on either the front or back of the shoulder.

13.  Colorful wildflowers upper arm tattoo.


Another great option for the colorful wildflower tattoo! This one mixes vibrant colors with soft colors to get a really “poppy” effect that is just breathtaking. This one looks great on the upper arm, but could be moved to the back of the shoulder to make it easier to hide in professional settings.

14.  Three flowers, touch of vibrant color and a triangle.


This is another great one for those who prefer more black ink than colored ink and want the colors of their flowers a bit darker. I’m completely in love with that orange and purple myself. Plus, this one is just the right size to look good in several places like the inner arm, upper thighs, back of calves, upper arms or shoulders.

15.  Pretty in pink elaborate ankle tattoo.


This is a pretty large tattoo for an ankle, but I’m still pretty gaga for it. This tattoo is just the right amount of feminine and pretty, with added little wildflowers in the background to make it seem down to earth.

16.  Watercolor wildflowers.


I’m kind of obsessed with watercolor tattoos and this one is ideal for inside the arm or on the ankle this spring. With lavender mixed with wildflowers this pretty tattoo is sure to get you in the mood for spring and summer.

17.  Simple piece of lavender mini tattoo.


This tiny ankle tattoo is delicate and very subtle, making it a great option for those not wanting a high commitment tat.

18.  Retro floral bicep tattoo.


A colorful assortment of flowers that is more elegant and chic than the other colorful wildflowers tattoos. The colors of this floral tat give it a retro feel perfect for spring and summer.

19.  Blue flowers “growing” up the arm tattoo.


For those that are gaga for blue flowers (and who can blame you?), this is a fantastic option. The placement on the inside of the wrist “climbing” up the arm give the impression that the flowers are growing. This one would also look good on the ankle if an arm tat is too much commitment.

20.  Tiny tattoo with a bit more color.


For those wanting a small discreet tattoo that has a bit more color, this is a great option. This one seems to go from green to orange in gentle rainbow-like beauty. This one would look great on the wrists, ankles or the inside of the arms.

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