Everyone will be able to drive the new extreme Lamborghini. But there is a catch

Everyone will be able to drive the new extreme Lamborghini. But there is a catch

Lamborghini presented the boldest car with a bull emblem on the hood. It is a single-seat super sports car with a hybrid twelve-cylinder engine. And really everyone will be able to “saddle” him. It will become part of the Gran Turismo game.


Car companies are racing to put bold models into computer games. After all, this is a great form of promotion for them. There are fan clubs for individual brands and for computer games. There are people who don’t want to race cars other than their favorites. Thousands of people are waiting for not only a new version of the game, but also new cars.

And companies don’t want to disappoint them. In Gran Turismo, you race supercars from Mazda, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Hyundai… And of course Lamborghini. Coming to the game next spring, this latest car is one of the boldest creations yet.

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The fancy single-seater formula-type car has the wheels protruding from the body, although they have a separate fairing. In addition, the front fenders carry a large illuminated letter Y, but the lights themselves are already part of the driver’s cockpit. Another glowing Y can be found at the rear, where the red color copies the curves of the special pressure wing and progresses all the way down to the diffuser.

Players will also have an interesting view in the cockpit. They will hold a special steering wheel, where information is projected on the display located in its center and the most important parameters on the windshield.

Those who will not play the game can only hope that the Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo will not be limited to the PS4 game console and will perhaps also go on real roads.

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