Fantasy in Fine Lines – Tattooist Ehyang Interview

Sophisticated, airy, and whimsical, the work of Tattooist Ehyang touches the hearts of many. Discover more about her in this interview.

I have always been fascinated by tattoos around mythical creatures, mermaids, dragons, phoenixes… you name it. That’s how I came across the profile of an aspiring tattooist, Ehyang.

As a young female tattoo artist based in Seoul, South Korea, she has captured hearts with over 200k followers on Instagram. Her tattoos on mythical beings are light and airy but, at the same time, sophisticated.

Today, I had the pleasure of talking to her about her career, style, life, and tips on choosing a good tattooist. Join me as we uncover the story of a young woman who dared to step away from conformity and carve her unique path in the world of ink.

Tattooist Ehyang Interview

The start of the career

Ehyang’s story started with her struggles of being a designer. The designs she was creating were solely dictated by corporate demands. As someone passionate about art, the limitation soon became unbearable.

“I could only do the design required by the company. I decided to become a tattooist because I wanted to draw more of what I loved, not what I was asked to. “

With her passion and the desire to unleash her creativity, she embarked on the path of becoming a tattoo artist. However, in the bustling tattoo industry of Seoul, Ehyang found herself amidst a sea of talented artists. To stand out, she knew that finding her unique style was key

Finding Her Own Style

“My work is characterized by thin, fine lines intricately combined with ornate elements like dragons, foxes, and phoenixes.”

Ehyang believes that it’s the style and the craftsmanship that make a tattooist stand out. Since she found the style she would shine in, people started to be drawn to her profile and work. But the success didn’t come without support and guidance.

“I was lucky to meet my teacher, Sol, who demonstrated exceptional skills across various art forms. He taught me not only the techniques of inking but also how to be an artist.”

Inspired by her mentor, Ehyang aspired to become an artist proficient in all aspects of tattooing. Over time, Ehyang’s style evolved into a fusion of thin, fine lines and vibrant colors.

The creative process

Ehyang’s clients play a vital role in her creative process. Many reach out to her for tattoos that commemorate their beloved pets. Upon selecting a subject, she will research it thoroughly and then decide with the client on the design and coloring.

Because of her attention to detail and commitment to every piece of her work, she managed to build a following and reputation despite the challenges and competition.

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Her portfolio predominantly features animal and flower tattoos, with phoenixes being her current favorite subject.

“I love creating creatures that don’t exist in real life, like phoenixes. You can depict it however you want. The possibilities are endless. And I think that’s why my clients are also into my work. It’s fresh. It’s different.”

So far, the most popular work on her Instagram account are foxes and butterflies.

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