Highly regarded as the Porsche 911 in its purest form, the Singer Vehicle Design project brings together modern ingenuity and craftsmanship with the heritage and significance of the 911 model as a true driver’s sports car. First presented to the world a whole 15 years ago now, the Californian-outfit haven’t let their foot off the gas since, presenting several other variants that push the boundaries of the ‘old-meets-new’ mantra.

Out of them all, though, the original ‘Classic Study’ is our favourite, with many happy customers enjoying their 4.0-litre, classic-bodied creations to their absolute fullest, meaning seeing one for sale on the Classic Driver Market is something of a rarity. This example which was completed in 2023 is finished in a dark green with striking orange branded accents along the doors, providing a subtle hint to what the interior space might hold. Opening the door, you’ll be treated to a smattering of vibrant orange leather, which continues along the door cards, rear seats, and even into the front boot space. Everywhere you look on the Singer, the attention to detail is impeccable, and balances the line between nostalgia and new age perfectly, and that’s all before you’ve even turned the key!

Its howling 3.9-litre flat-six was given new Cosworth-designed cylinder heads during its reimagination, as well as a fresh six-speed gearbox and limited-slip differential, bringing the total horsepower up to 380, truly a world away from the original 964 Carrera’s 247bhp. Waiting lists for the Singer are still almost as long as the car itself, but thanks to Mécaniques Modernes & Classiques, this is your chance to skip the lengthy queues!