The Koenigsegg KXX, a hypercar with 2000 horsepower by emrEHusmen.

Koenigsegg KXX 2000Hp Hypercar by emrEHusmen scaled The Koenigsegg KXX is a work of art designed by emrEHusmen. “i designed and 3D developed- as a personal project to show how i would stylize the next generation @koenigsegg hypercar… aerodynamic lines, strong graphics, and flowing and sculptural surfaces define my style best, so i applied them to this concept car, along with traditional Koenigsegg design features like side intakes.

The Koenigsegg KXX is probably the most detailed 3D model i’ve ever done, completed in a week; together with its floor aerodynamics and fully closed polygon body surfaces. a total of ~2000hp hybrid power output would be generated by its V8 engine and electric batteries (charged wirelessly). active -advanced- aerodynamics, real-time height and stiffness adjustable suspensions, manual+automatic transmission, and aWD systems would allow using its power in the most efficient way at all speeds on a race track, especially at 24h Le Mans.”

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