Vibrant Animal Tattoos Inspired by Comic Book Characters

Hen is a tattoo artist from Seoul who gets ideas for her bright designs from animals. The cute side of animals big and small is shown in these simple drawings by using strong lines, simple shapes, and bright colors.

There are colorful sheep, long-lashed hedgehogs, and kittens with funny faces. All of these happy animals look like they belong in their own comic book. When Hen does tattoos, she uses both hatch marks and stippling to show the texture of the animal’s fur, add color, and give the piece a sense of movement. She also often adds little twinkles to her cute figures by drawing four straight black lines and one yellow dot in the middle.

Small Cute Tattoos by Hen

Hen’s tattoos usually have an animal and a few simple details around it, but some have more complicated—and sometimes magical—backgrounds. In one piece, for example, two cats are cuddled together inside a rocketship that looks like something from a cartoon and is going into space. In another tattoo, a happy dog is shown sitting inside a big coffee mug. No matter what kind of animal it is or how big the tattoo is, Hen turns every picture into a colorful playroom.

Abstract Animal Tattoos by Hen

Small Cute Tattoos by Hen

Small Cute Tattoos by Hen

Small Cute Tattoos by Hen

Abstract Animal Tattoos by Hen

Keep up with Hen’s new body art by following her on Instagram. Scroll down to see more cool tattoos.

Abstract Animal Tattoos by Hen

Small Cute Tattoos by Hen

Small Cute Tattoos by Hen

Small Abstract Tattoos by Hen

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